MOOD OF THE 28 May 2012

Looking forward to June the 11th

We had been warned by Laurent Blanc: even if it was the first warm-up game we had moved on to more serious matters. That game wasn’t that friendly. We took it as serious as we had to in order to get ready for the tournament to come. Against Iceland, you have to pick and choose what to keep and improve. We will have to analyze provided that we are not ready. We have been working hard for a week and we still have to get used to playing together. We must capitalize on that game so we can progress quickly.
Icelandics played a good game during the first half. They took advantage of the chances they got to score twice whereas we failed many times throughout the first half. On some level, we made that game more and more difficult. We knew we would get the opportunity to win the game if we could score early after the break. Thanks to my friend Debuchy – and his important goal- that’s what happened. I feel glad about his first goal as an international player. He shows good offensive skills since he’s joined the squad. That goal led us to our first victory during the preparation training and contributed to enlarge a positive atmosphere. I was pleased to play as a defensive midfielder. I had the ball many times and could face the game. That position requires being at the right position on the ground so you can anticipate opponents’ moves and passing. Plus, I could attempt a lot when we were attacking. I was required to bring solutions even if I was in a lower position than usual. Facing a gathered team, the shot may be a good weapon but I didn’t succeed in scoring.
All the requirements were fullfilled so I could play a good game. My family was in the stand, Valenciennes’ stadium is beautiful and it was the first time I came back to my region since my departure.
That win is important and maintains our invincibility. We haven’t been defeated for 19 games. Our preparation is now taking place in Touquet. To me, it’s a good thing to change our environment. We are going to develop new bonds. The pressure is getting now higher and higher since there are only two weeks left before the opening of our tournament against England.